Aeon Capital Partners
Company Brief

Aeon Capital Partners is a Retail Investment Firm based in Florida, USA with both national and international reach. It is a new venture that is borne out of another company with years of founder experience. While new to the market as a company they wanted to show both their experience and their expertise and be a name which stood up well in the market and their high-wealth customers could relate to.

Our brand and industry research stage highlighted the need for a name with importance and gravitas that implied strength and stability and evoked a clear sense of trust. The industry is full of leaders and large players but we wanted to move away from largesse and focus on longevity.

Naming Process


We chose the name Aeon to reflect the deep and enduring commitment that the brand has to its customers. The word Aeon comes from both Greek and Latin Roots and means ‘age’ or ‘eternity’. It therefore has a deep sense of history behind it, but also an earthiness and a stability as its name is literally rooted in the language that we use today. We were also partly inspired by the phrase “It’s time to invest in eternity,” which was utterly appropriate for the brand. The company evokes the strength and depth required to be a smart investment company that is interested in a real and long-term promise to its customers.

Shower Me With…
Company Brief

Shower Me With… is changing the way we take showers. The company is a new range of fun, fresh and luxurious shower products that bring the enjoyment of bath products such as creams, bombs and melts to the shower. The brand is a startup venture based in Kent, England with national reach and exposure and wanted a name that was fun and that appealed to its wide-ranging target market.

Naming Process

As a completely new shower concept the name for the brand had to be meaningful and identifiable but also fresh and fun. While it was a new concept there were some pretty strong market players already established so the brand had to be well positioned in order to be recognisable and to grow.

Huddle Pin
Company Brief

HuddlePin is a tech start-up based in Nottingham. Developed by an engineer with a young family he wanted a mobile/app friendly way for discovering and booking days out for parents and kids to enjoy together.

Naming Process

Our market research showed that there were already a couple of competitors in the market but none really with the tech focus or background that was being offered. We needed to get across a variety of USPs in the name such as being family friendly, easy and to use and community focused in order to set the brand apart. 


HuddlePin comes from the word ‘Huddle’ meaning to get together. In particular the meaning was of the collective noun for a group of penguins. The idea of the huddle evokes a familial feeling of warmth – getting together for collective benefit and highlighted an immediate positivity in the name. The ‘pin’ aspect sets the brand out as a tech-focused app that is quick and easy to use.  We recommended also a branding strategy for the company in order to make use of the new name.

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