UpDown Cork Restaurant

Branding design for UpDown Brasserie in Cork, Ireland


With an active background in the hospitality industry and a strong track record of restaurant branding it came as no surprise when UpDown Cork, a new brassiere restaurant in Cork, Ireland came to us to brand their restaurant.

In UpDown’s own words the restaurant scene in Cork was ‘a little dull’ so they wanted to position themselves different to any other restaurant in Cork. They were already well positioned to do so from a food production point of view with an experienced Dublin based restaurant manager and a Sydney based executive chef heading up the management team but they needed branding to complement their expertise which is where we came in.

We did a comprehensive research of the Cork restaurant scene and looked and both the type of food and the styling that was present there and used this as a basis for the dynamic look and feel of the new UpDown brand.

We chose oranges and browns as the main colour elements for the brand, offset by black and white to give the brand a strong and contemporary modern BBQ feel to match the restaurant’s menu. We created a typographic logo for UpDown as well as a brand badge and a brand pattern to be used on a large entrance sign for the restaurant. We then proceeded to develop a full package of branding materials including outside signage, menu creation, brand flyers, advertising posters and take-away packaging. This was in addition to full website design and branding.

Customers have commented on the strong and vibrant look of the restaurant (as well as the food of course!)We continue to be the branding agency for UpDown and have a strong working relationship with Shannon and the rest of the management team.

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