The Glass Pineapple


The Glass Pineapple

The Glass Pineapple

Independent Fashion Magazine and Designer Boutique, London

The Glass Pineapple
is a fashion concept with a firm focus on independent and emerging designers from around the world. The business is both a platform for news surrounding independent fashion, design and trends but also a marketplace where high-quality curated designers are able to showcase their wares.

Prior to raising a large round of funding, the management team and advisors decided that it was time for a re-brand. Quite simply, the current branding was not doing the company justice and did not fit in with its unique ethos or its brand values.

Logo Design, Brand Strategy, Internal Communication Guidelines, Packaging, Brand Guidelines, Corporate Collateral

We were engaged to re-envigorate the brand and ensure that its visual assets matched up to its brand values and credentials which in turn required re-clarification.

We set about questioning the management team deeply about what the brand was, why it was created, what it represented, who its clients and customers were and more besides.

This extensive brand questioning in addition to our active knowledge of the fashion industry as well as independent research allowed us to re-position The Glass Pineapple in a way that was more befitting of a modern, unique and on-trend fashion brand.

We began with a full re-invention of the brand’s logo to create an iconic brand icon that fit in with the company name which also fully projected the new brand image.

We crafted a bright and colourful logo which represents the fashion-industry as whole as well as the diversity that the brand embodies. The individual pineapple ‘jewells’ were developed in a glass style to add increased depth and meaning to the brand, strenghtening its brnad name and enabling it to enhance its relationships with existing customers as well as enticing new ones. The logo and the rich colour scheme allows The Glass Pineapple brand to be vibrant and gain an independent and fashion-forward personality that was lacking in its previous brand iteration.

Creating a Culture and a Community

One of The Glass Pineapple’s unique value propositions is in the way it creates opportunities for emerging and independent designers to showcase their wares. These designers and designs are curated to ensure quality and so it was important to create an internal brand culture for employees, designers and customers alike so that they could feel a part of the brand no matter their position in the value chain.  

We formulated a typography set and tone of voice and in order to clarify internal and external communications within the same brand feel. We then created both corporate, internal and for customer brand collateral in fitting with The Glass Pineapple brand approach and strategy to bring all aspects of the value chain together.  

We also helped to craft the look and feel of the brand’s initial pitch deck, helping it secure investment for its on-going growth.




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