Space Samples

Brand Consultancy, Content

Space Samples

Space Samples

Innovative and International Sample Showroom Concept, Brazil


Space Samples is a unique, innovative and, dare we say it, revolutionary concept that will change the approach of sending and viewing commercial product samples around the world. Focusing firstly on the Brazilian marketplace but with a worldwide commercial audience, Space Samples required brand strategy, direction, design and communication in order to highlight their unique proposition and to showcase this well and to a wide audience.

Naming Consultancy and Brand Strategy & Positioning

The company was working with a few different name options for the business and we were tasked to help them narrow down the right option that fit in with the company values, its unique value proposition and to establish a clear brand strategy that would tie the company name to this unique concept. 

Working with the management team we dismissed names which were not appropriate for the brand or its audience and created Space Samples as an alliterative, meaningful and focused name to build the brand around.

Brand Art & Design Direction, Brand Communication

We worked with the team’s internal designer to give art direction on the brand’s logo icon. 

Focusing on the dual meaning of the word ‘space’ we worked to create an icon that would stand out and embody this multi-faceted company that was not dull and that was working with partners from around the world. 

From this we solidified the brand’s position with clear communication and messaging that defines what the company does, who its customers are and why Space Samples are a truly unique business proposition within this space.

We continue to provide brand and communication consultancy to Space Samples as they grow and expand.

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