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Nestle Nespresso Innovation Challenge Finalist
The Nespresso Sustainability Experience


We took part in the 2016 Henri@Nestle Innovation challenge to come up with an innovative solution to Nespresso’s sustainability image problem. 

In spite of many positive programs and sustainability efforts and in spite of the fact that sustainability is one of Nespresso’s core values the brand is not perceived as an ethically strong and sustainable brand. The Nespresso Sustainability Experience challenge was to come up with an innovative solution, one that would work in both digital and retail scenarios, to this problem.

Our Approach

At Anarium, we have a genuine passion for sustainability and so the challenge was an exciting and important one to get right. Most people know Nespresso for its slick and suave marketing campaigns as well as its high quality coffee but the work that it does behind the scenes for farmers, for the production chain, in working towards real sustainable goals is really second to none.

Applying our existing branding methods to Nespresso’s sustainable brand allowed us to see exactly what was being done well, what was not being done so well and what wasn’t being done at all. We used this data garnered at the research phase to create a holistic and integrated 3-stage approach that was innovative and experiential and covered the entire Nespresso Consumer Experience.

“Anarium’s proposal was very strong in its preparation, structure and proposed approach of testing each step and assumption”
– Christophe Scarton (Nespresso Head of Customer Experience) 

1. Point of Consumption

We engaged with consumers at the point of consumption – taking into consideration how they interacted with their Nespresso coffee at the counter top. Our multi-layered solution was designed to allow consumers to interact with and feel a part of Nespresso’s sustainability efforts without detracting from the luxury experience.

The unique brand-led sustainable solution was a way for Nespresso to engage better with their consumers.

2. Point of Connection

This stage took on a highly detailed communication approach which was designed to engage consumers with Nespresso as a sustainable brand on a personal level. Our interactive and integrated approach brought Nespresso’s sustainable message to consumers through retail and social media channels while at the same time involving consumers on a deeper level, engaging them with the brand and its suitability efforts. 

3. Point of Experience

Our third stage built on the physical and communication stages and immersed consumers into the world of Nespresso’s sustainability efforts. We proposed creating an augmented reality experience that would engage users, not only at the point of consumption, thus giving consumers a new dimension to their coffee experience, but when they purchased Nespresso products too. 

“It’s a very clever concept! You have a very discerning approach and understanding about Nespresso’s Sustainability Program.”
– Marie Loridon (Nespresso International Sustainability Communication Manager) 

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