FouGen Organisation, London

The FouGen organisation is an independent organisation which was set up in the wake of the 2011 London riots and is aimed at helping young people aged 16-30 find opportunities in the fields of education, employment and entrepreneurialism. The organisation is supported by the Mayor of London’s office and has amassed a following of over 10,000 young people and a network of educational establishments and businesses to connect with them.

The problem with the organisation was that they had grown at a rapid rate since 2011 and lacked direction somewhat from their original simple goal of helping young people. Over the few years they had been established they had become involved in recruitment, event organisation, mentoring, and more and that rapid growth had seen the brand be not only a little disconnected with their mission but also out-dated as the brand no longer reflected the vibrancy of the youth they were championing.

Up to date and re-focussed 

We met with the FouGen founder Sandy and were impressed with her enthusiasm and desire to bring the brand up to speed. We undertook a thorough review not only of the FouGen site but the brand message and how it perceived itself and undertook a thorough re-branding process of the organisation.

We clarified the brand name, which had been a number of things including Found Generation, Fougen, FouGen, FOUGEN, The Found Generation in order to give naming focus to the brand. We then completely re-vamped and modernised the website as well as reviewing and tidying up the FouGen logo to make it cleaner and brand appropriate.

In addition to the brand aesthetics we focused deeply on the brand meaning, ethos and values and created dedicated brand guidelines for FouGen covering the brand vision, tone of voice, brand visuals and other aspects to prevent the brand from ever being disconnected again.

We also went further and deeper into the brand and explored the dual business and young people emphasis of the business model. We created documentation specific to each business avenue that was both visually engaging (with set colour schemes, typographies and visuals for each brand avenue) but also business focused and clarified the specific reason for FouGen’s involvement with young people and businesses and organisations. This was from both an internal and external point of view but it allows the organisation to grow and be fully committed to its ideals.

A member of the team

Our work did not stop with the initial business re-brand however and our dedication to the FouGen brand led us to being asked to join as members of the team with Matt coming on board as FouGen’s Head of Creative.

We are delighted to continue to be involved with such a worth organisation and are committed to helping the brand to grow through brand implementation strategies such as Social Media Management and the development of additional branded content including written, visual and video content for the brand.

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