Drip & Chill by EFMEDISPA

Drip & Chill by EF MEDISPA – Rebranding

EF Medispa is an award winning medical beauty clinic in London. One of the first medical spas in the country it has constantly striven to be at the forefront of the industry in terms of presitige, sophisitication, elegane and, of course, the treatments it offers.

When the clinic wanted to undergo a rebrand for its popular Drip & Chill lounges due to expansion we were contacted to give a new lift to the brand to cement EF Medispa’s position as a market leader.

-Logo Creation

-Online and Offline Visuals

-Brand Activation



In addition to prime locations in Kensington, St. John’s Wood and Chelsea in London EF Medispa are opening a new London based clinic in Canary Wharf as well as a specialised spa in Birmingham as part of the new, prestigious Genting World Resorts Complex.

Our task was to lift the existing Drip & Chill brand to match this new level of exposure and but still maintain the brand’s exclusive appeal. We worked within pre-established brand guidelines but brought in a new twist to elevate Drip & Chill by creating a new logo, based upon the theme for the ‘elegant helix’ which fit in with the brand’s existing positioning but also its new expansion.



Icon Creation

In addition to the new logo we created a series of bespoke icons to give Drip & Chill a visual identity that it didn’t have before. We produced a bold, yet minimal icon set for all of Drip & Chill’s IV menu items. Used for online and offline identification, as well as packaging, this new visual identity helps customers relate better to the products and helps give a more well-rounded outlook for the brand.


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