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Copper Sleep

Copper Sleep

Copper Sleep is a new advancement in sleep technology. Based in California, the new brand wanted to embrace a different approach to the sleep industry. We were tasked to name the new brand, as well as its products and the unique copper-based material and then create a visual identity that would carry Copper Sleep forward, giving it the brand identity to stand out in the marketplace.

-Brand and Product Naming
-Visual Identity
-Brand Communication


For the naming we went researched multiple angles and ensured that the essence of the brand, as well as the brand’s technological aspects and different stance in the marketplace was met.

For the material itself we chose CupraFlex – Cupra, coming from the old alchemy term for Copper and Flex as in Flexible gave a gentle idea of flexibility as well as technology.

The pillow and mattress concepts were named Quest and Journey which typified the idea of ‘More than Sleep’ which was the tagline that we created for the whole brand. The names inspire a sense of adventure, and gave the brand a positioning which is different to the rest of the marketplace and one which can carry it forward to be more successful.

Logos and brand aesthetics

Though Copper Sleep is positioned uniquely within the industry it is still a sleep product so we created a logo based on a comfortable cloud with a twist for the brand’s overall logo. The twist was that it came from the old alchemy symbol of copper itself which also tied in with the name we chose for the material. This made the brand much more rounded and credible.

We then took the idea of adventure by using a compass to create dynamic,inspirational logos for the products themselves, Quest and Journey.

Finally, we put all the elements together including marketing elements in a fully developed brand activation package.

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