Collate London – Branding and Activation

When London based tech, fashion and beauty startup Collate approached us for branding of their new online shopping concept we were intrigued. They had a name, and a concept but didn’t know how to brand it and get their unique message across to the public.

We designed a logo and devised a branding scheme including brand visuals, tagline and packaging that helped to bring all of the brand elements together in a cohesive whole.

-Logo Design

-Visual Identity

-Packaging Design

Logo Design

After meeting with the Collate team and understanding their brand, what it meant to them, what it would mean to their customers, and establishing exactly what they did and how they did it we got to work. We created a logo based upon the idea of compartments, which is the essence of ‘collating’ the various products that Collate will sell. These compartments fitted in within how Collate’s various products will be packaged to its consumers.

The Collate emblem is an ionic blend of shapes and character which tells the story of the brand, its togetherness and what it means to its users.

Slogan and Colour Scheme

The logo was created based on the idea of compartments and ‘bringing your life together’ which became the essence of Collate and the brand slogan. We worked with the Collate team to define a colour palette that fit the brand’s modern feminine identity but would also work interchangeably for the brand’s core product focuses of Fashion and Beauty, Health and Well being, Personal Development and Tech and Electronics.

Icon Design and ‘How’ Identity

Collate is a new concept in purchasing beauty, fashion, tech and lifestyle products for women in the UK as it uses a monthly subscription system. Explaining this would have to be simple, to the point and aesthetically pleasing. We therefore created a series of icons to explain this ‘how’, helping the brand to position itself more clearly, as well as helping to develop a questionnaire for new customers using the subscription service.

Packaging Design

While the Collate platform is digital, the products it sells are real and so too is the packaging, which had to be exclusive and unique as it is a vital component in the brand’s success. We met again with the Collate team, as we had done throughout the project and worked out a physical template of how the packaging would be. We then created a series of brand boxes to be sent out to customers that excite and provide brand engagement before the box has even been opened.

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