Cardio Legend

Cardio Legend, App suite and Health and Fitness Platform, Toronto

Cardio Legend is a Toronto-based company with big ideas. Their app platform aims to gamify fitness, making it fun and relevant and challenging in a positive way. While there are many fitness apps out there they all focus on stats – burning calories, amount of steps taken, ideal heart rate reached etc. This is great, but after a while it becomes boring and disengaging. This defeats the object of fitness, which is meant to be healthy, yes, but it is also meant to be fun. Cardio Legend through its suite of Apple and Android apps aims to bring the fun back to fitness, engage a community and change the way fitness apps are perceived and operate.

We came on board pre-launch as the brand had hit something of a wall. This was not so much a crisis of confidence but a crisis of direction. They kind of knew who they wanted to be but could neither articulate it nor portray it visually.

Whipping the brand into shape

(Brand Guidelines, Brand Positioning, Consultancy)

Cardio Legend is a great company producing great products. This wasn’t an issue of the product viability but more of a loss of direction. The brand had been suffering from technical issues with getting their MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to market but had strong brand following on Social Media which had been cultivated due to the interest in what the company was doing but they were struggling to both engage their audience and be aware of who they were as a company as the product was being created due to a number of reasons.

After Skype meeting with the company founders we put forward our impressions of the brand and our proposal to help re-invigorate it and set it back on the right track to success.

We undertook an initial branding review of both the main Cardio Legend website and the app layout and developed a strategy for the website and blog and well as the app design. This also included the creation of dedicated brand guidelines which enabled both existing and new staff members to understand the design aspects of the brand. The brand guidelines were more than just a visual document however and discussed the brand’s ethos, story, role and vision. The brand guidelines is a stepping stone for the brand and allows them to be a cohesive voice no matter who is involved in the brand and no matter what aspect of fitness the brand becomes involved in.

Cardio Legend, App suite and Health and Fitness Platform, Toronto

We are pleased to offer our brand implementation services to Cardio Legend and are undertaking Social Media management for the brand to increase the brand’s visual exposure and position it as not only a leader in the industry but a brand that is committed to doing something lasting and different. We have created a number of brand taglines as well as original brand inspirational poetry as the first step on this road.

We also still hold regular brand consultancy meetings with the management team to help guide them on a branding perspective throughout this exciting journey.

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