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The name you choose for your business is key in establishing your company foundations and cementing its values, no matter what field or industry you are in. Having the right name for your business can instantly engage with your customers and send out a positive message to them. 

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/ When you're on the right track and just need a helping hand

  • Review of Company's Existing Materials
  • 0.5/hr Skype Consultation
  • Brainstorming Naming Session
  • Up to 10 Names

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/ When you need us to dive deep into the process to deliver the right name
  • Naming Questionnaire
  • Initial Call
  • Research
  • Naming Ideation
  • Trademark Screening
  • URL Availability
  • Up to 30 Names
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/ When you need to go beyond the name into solid branding and positioning
  • Naming
  • Tagline
  • Strategy & Positioning
  • Branding
  • Packaging Design
  • Social Media Management
  • etc.


5 Types of
Brand Names


Inventive names are usually made-up names that are short, catchy and easy to pronounce. They can be made from a less known foreign word too. These names are easier to be trademarked however, you might need to put a lot of time and marketing into it so to establish the brand in the customers minds.


Acronym names are pronounceable words formed from the initial letters of a name or formed by combining the first parts of a series of words.


Descriptive names are mainly names that describe or gives an idea of a company's products or services. These names are usually difficult to be trademarked. And are also tricky if you may want to expand or diversify in the future.
Toys R Us
General Motors
The Body Shop


Metaphor names are ones that reflect the imagery and meaning behind the brand. It conveys more than the literal product or service a company offers. It alludes to the quality of the brand This type of naming gives the listener reason to pause and ask for more.

Real Words

Metaphor names are ones that reflect the imagery and meaning behind the brand. It conveys more than the literal product or service a company offers. It alludes to the quality of the brand This type of naming gives the listener reason to pause and ask for more.

Our Process


It all starts with the facts. Who are you as a company, what are your values, beliefs, unique selling points. Our comprehensive questionnaire stage is designed to get right to the bottom of your business. The information you give allows us true insight into what you want your brand to be, what you want it to represent, who your customers and competitors are and how your brand should be positioned in the marketplace. We have developed our questionnaire to tackle all aspects of your business. That way, we can get to know your business just as you do and so come fully prepared to name or re-name your brand ready to challenge the current industry status-quo.


This round is vital in narrowing the naming direction. Our aim in the first round is not only to present names that fit in within your businesses’ naming criteria but to challenge businesses’ naming criteria but to challenge you with different types of names. You don’t like compound names? Then tell us. You don’t like the Latin root route? Then tell us. Some naming agencies will claim that it doesn’t matter if you do not like your brand name and while there is a smidgen of truth here (the name needs to inspire your customer and fit the criteria of your brand’s values after all) it is always better if you can get behind your name fully and believe in it. So your review and feedback here is vital in narrowing down the naming process for the second round however we do suggest that you ‘bank’ at least one or two names from the first round for final consideration.


While there may well be names that immediately spring to mind or particular directions that we may feel are suitable for your brand name before we begin any naming exercises we research.
We research your industry, its history, current trends and future predictions. We research your competitors, customer base and the current market. We put in a dedicated period to research because, in addition to the information given at the questionnaire stage, it is important that we truly know the depths and the details of the industry at large that we name. We have an active background across a range of different industries but, nevertheless, with each and every naming project that we undertake – even if it is within an industry that we know like the back of our hands – we thoroughly research the market and the industry to be fully aware of the needs of the brand we are naming.


We take the feedback from the first round of naming and we hone our search and implement some more naming ideation and development exercises. We take the feedback and the new narrower track of research and again develop a long-list of potential brand names which we whittle down to a short-list of around 10 names for the second round. These then get presented to you to discuss and consider along with the ‘banked’ potential names from the first round. As with the first round, all presented names are screened for Trademark availability. After you have had the opportunity to review the names and consider the second round of names against the ‘banked’ name options from the first round we get together via Skype do discuss the shortlist of names and answer any questions that you have regarding the process or to discuss  potential next steps. We will give our opinion on names but the final decision is indeed up to you. One of the reasons why we are so thorough with our questionnaire,research stage and our own short-listing of names is to ensure that all names presented are entirely suitable for the brand and meet the agreed upon criteria for the brand name. If you have a short list of two or three names then we can discuss potential branding or positioning options among them for you to get our opinion on the shortlisted names.


When we develop names for our clients, we make sure that the name always supports the brand positioning.
We have a series of tried and tested naming exercises (research, ideation and development) that allow us to get to the core of what a brand means. We consider a brand’s values and its ethos, where it is now and where it wants to be. We look at history, linguistics, literature, mythology, we brain storm, we mind map, we walk, we meditate – we are exhaustive in our process, leaving no stone unturned or naming avenue unexplored as we ideate and create names for your business. There are obviously different types of brand names that we take into consideration when ideating for names. Then we argue the plus points and minus points of every name in order to whittle that down to a strong initial short-list before presenting. We will present up to 15 names within the first round of naming and, with all of the names that we present we will recommend suitable urls for them. (*note that this may involve both premium url availability as well as suffixed brand name availability)


We pre-screen every single name that we present so you can be sure of trademark availability, and any potential conflicts that might arise. (*note that this is a provisional screening so it is recommended to explore fully the trademark availability of chosen names)


Now it is time to choose a final name. We understand that it can be a somewhat daunting task, especially if there are still two or three strong frontrunners at this stage but we encourage a decision to be made to begin enjoying the potential bene ts of your new brand name.

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