How to Define Your Brand

One of the first questions that we ask clients when we speak to them is to define their brand. While some clients can talk (and talk) about what their brand means to them, what the product does, why the service is needed, how people will feel when dealing with the company it is much harder to narrow that down in a clear and concise manner.

Obviously, that is our task as a branding agency, to be able to effectively pinpoint unique attributes of a company, product or service and use that to create a brand name or develop a long and, ultimately, create, develop and build a brand. It is nevertheless an important question to ask.

The reason why we ask clients to define their brand even though we know we might not get a straight or clear answer is to help both us (and them) understand their brands better. The phrase ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’ springs to mind when it comes to clients and their own brands in the sense that they become so involved in their own company or business they can easily forget about their brand.